Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Singapore Guppy Club's New Look

I like the new Singapore Guppy Club's website. It is very clean looking and easy to navigate. I just hope that more articles will be added to the site. It is on that site that I found the details for the upcoming Guppy competition.

The Singapore Guppy club will be organising the 2007 National Guppy Competition at Bukit Timah Plaza on the 14th Dec 2007 and all the way to 16th Dec 2007. I have competed in the competition before in 2004 and gotten myself 2nd prize for the Snakeskin category for my Galaxy guppies. I lost out to a fine pair of Albino Galaxies. Some of the guppy breeders though, thought that my fishes were better in terms of shape, liveliness and colour. However, like any competition, the judges decision is final and we definitely have to respect that.

I will be there to support the Singapore National Guppy competition and hopefully be able to take some good pictures of the winning entries for all that visit my blog to see and appreciate.

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